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Chairman's Message

It is my privilege as Chairman and CEO of the Board of the Mississauga Italian Canadian Benevolent Association (MICBA) and its sister associations, to welcome you the visitor to our newly revamped website. To reinvigorate your visit with new and exciting updates and events from one of the most dedicated providers of quality health care and community services in Mississauga.

The Mississauga Italian Canadian Benevolent Association (MICBA) was established in 1986 with the mandate to create a multi-faceted facility to aid seniors, young families and children live fulfilling and productive lives within our community by providing the essential tools and services. Having created four separate entities under its umbrella, today we boast 3 beautiful structures that provide non-profit housing, child daycare, long term care, and community services.

As we are well into our third decade, our constant daily challenge is to maintain the high standards that we have set as a leader within our industry and that my friend comes only with a very dedicated team of employees and volunteers. We have had the good fortune of attracting the best individuals within their job scopes to provide us with professional competent care, many of whom have been with us since day one.

As the world outside changes, so must we and with that I mean we strive each day to utilize the latest technologies that add to the quality of care for our seniors. This year we implemented the EMARS system in our long term care home that monitors up to the minute medical information of each individual leaving no room for error. Both doctors and nurses alike have the essential data to perform confidently on the spot decisions required when called for and enabling all staff to be abreast of each case. We are proud to have been able to purchase this system with the funds raised by MICBA.

Which brings me to a very important topic, FUNDRAISING. Each and every year we fill our calendar with events to help raise money to support and maintain each organization and we encourage you to view our upcoming events for 2014. Our annual Golf Tournament takes place on June 18th, 2014 with a full day dedicated to improving one’s game topped off with dinner and a live auction and lots of door prizes. We welcome you to join us once again at Carassauga’s ITALY PAVILION on May 23rd, 24th and 25th 2014. Also this year we initiated two additional annual events to entertain you and help us. On June 21st, 2014 we will celebrate ITALIAN HERITAGE MONTH with a street party closing down part of Forum Drive for the day. On September 19th, 2014 we will celebrate “LE’TS GET TOGETHER DINNER/DANCE.”

So please, mark your calendars and join us for all the upcoming events and celebrate the Italian community’s landmark facilities that provide proud quality services and quality of life to all in need. I look forward to seeing the familiar faces of our dedicated supporters and challenge the new faces to appear and participate in one of Mississauga’s worthiest causes. I would love to meet and share this time with you.

Frank G. Trevisan
Chairman of MICBA